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Claire Smith PortraitHi, I’m Claire and a warm welcome from myself and the team here at Al!ve Woman. I’m glad you found your way here and I’m looking forward to sharing some mind-blowing ideas with you about what is really possible for your life…


You see, you’re not untidy, dizzy, lazy or even forgetful. You’re just a woman with a crazy schedule to match!

I know you want to dress up and be admired, have a beautiful home, go to glamorous parties and have bags of fun with your children, but with a business that requires you to do tasks that you dread, the success you dream of is rarely ever going to happen!

So instead, let me seduce you with the secret to your kick-ass life…

With your own thriving online business, you can quit the hard-sell forever (hoorah!), have more time freedom (automation, girlfriend), enjoy an extraordinary passive income (check!)… and get back your SEXY!

Your Online Business isn’t just a business, it shows you’ve arrived!

So, you are in the right place today if:

  • You are a super-savvy entrepreneur or business owner and you know that learning the best online marketing strategies is the only way to go because you don’t want to get left behind in the digital gold-rush! (well, who does?)
  • You are positive, enthusiastic and driven, and have always fancied having your own business but you’re unsure where to start. You need some expert guidance and a support team to cheer you on. You want to build a business you can be proud of.
  • You are a mum, and you love your kids, and you want to be there for them, but you also want to get back a more dynamic you. Through creating a thriving online business that you love…you CAN have it all! … (and yes, the other mum’s will secretly admire you!)
  • You want to escape the 9-5 once and for all, transition into the thriving digital economy, and create the time freedom and wealth to live life on your terms. Enough of long hours and stress. You need your sexy back.

I know that you want more time to spend with the people you love, more joy, more fulfilment, more freedom to do the things you love…

There is a huge opportunity to thrive in this new digital economy…providing the opportunity to take back control & live the life you really want.

After all, if you’re still reading this, I know you have something special…you have a burning desire…you want more….

You sense you were born for this…and you’re ready to step up and change your life…

Of course it’ll take some hard work and commitment from you, but you want more and you’re prepared to work for it.

So this is where we come in. We’re on a mission to empower you by the bucket load…we know how to power-up your potential for a first-class life. Not only will we help you decide who you really are…what makes you feel fulfilled, happy and alive! … we’ll help you create a business that supports you to have exactly that.

Through our step-by-step training, 1-1 mentoring, online business system and community support, you will have what you need to create a thriving online business that you love…no previous online experience required.

And the greatest part is that you can have the success you deserve through simply being you – you are, without doubt, more than enough.

So if you crave a life where you call the shots…(yes, please!)

Then let’s do this! Click here to Discover How, and launch your kick-ass life today. 




Claire Smith – The Attraction Marketing Mentor

committed to your kick-ass life.


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