The Secrets To A Successful Home Business

Starting a successful home business is an exciting prospect that most women will dream about…probably whilst getting up at the crack of dawn to get the kids to the childminder, whilst rushing to the train station, whilst being stuck in traffic on the way to the office, or perhaps whilst being told what to do by an ungrateful boss…

And more and more women are taking the next vital step necessary to change their life and stepping into the fulfilling world of entrepreneurship…they chose a business and they get going…

However, whilst it’s a wonderful dream, it’s true that not everyone succeeds as an entrepreneur….I know, as I have been through failures myself, however, having lived these and come through to the other side, and having spoken to many other successful women who have done the same, I now believe that there are several factors that make the difference between failure and success, and I’d like to share 8 of the most important ones with you…
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1. Follow Your Passion

Having a profitable business takes more than a hope and a prayer. The women (and men) who succeed all have a consuming passion for what they are doing.

Something that I struggled understanding with for some time was ‘Don’t chase the money – chase your passion!’ Chasing money will not bring you money…just frustration and usually failure!

It’s very important to give plenty of consideration to your passions in life and the type of people you want to help with your business. Knowing your reason ‘why’ you are doing what you do is one of THE most important factors between failure and success.

Consider your own life…what type of people are you naturally attracted to…with whom you naturally have an affinity? What are your loves and passions in life…could you turn it into your business? What is your life purpose…what is it that you’d love your life to stand for?

Being passionate about what you do and having a ‘bigger picture’ to aim for, will give you the determination and drive to push you through the inevitable obstacles and fear you will encounter on your way to success, and give you the motivation to succeed. 

However, the best part is that when you follow your passion, work no longer feels like work…it is fun and absorbing!

2. Mindset

All successful entrepreneurs have a positive mindset. Successful people in general do not moan and focus on failures and the negative. Successful people always look for the positive in any situation.

This mindset allows successful entrepreneurs to find solutions to their problems, rather than be overwhelmed and crushed by them.

And the good news is that a positive mindset can be learnt. 

So surround yourself with positive people whenever you can and read motivational books, listen to motivational audios and change the way you think! Gratefulness attracts more to be grateful about. Successful thought attracts more success! Successful entrepreneurs know this.

3. Start With The End In Mind

When starting your own business, it is always important to work backwards – start with the end in mind.

Too many people start a business so that they can have more freedom and end up with a business that eats into their evenings and family life!

So, from the off, write down on paper what you want your business to look like. Do you want to purely work during school hours? Do you want to have your mornings free to go to the gym? Do you want to work face to face or online?

Then create a detailed written business plan. Plan properly and set yourself weekly goals. Be realistic about the time you will need to have everything in place and succeed. This allows you to keep focused and not panic when you are not making a million in the first month!

Build a business where you can achieve the end result that you desire and a working day that you love!

4. Stay Focused On Your Objective

It’s all too easy to spread yourself too thin and be a ‘Jack of all trades’. It’s important to have a niche and offer your products and services to that niche…and don’t start promoting to ‘everyone’. 

When you try to sell to everyone, you generally end up appealing to no-one!

So, think carefully about your niche – choose one that suits your objective. Who do you want to work with or have as your clients? 

Then direct your marketing to them, and don’t waiver!

Give your business time to gather momentum (no business is successful overnight). If you have chosen the right niche, your potential clients will feel your passion and naturally be attracted to you.

5. Get Outside Help

Life can be HECTIC!…especially if you’re a busy mum!

Don’t be a martyr. Get help where you need it!

I know I had to ‘do it all’, but seriously, if you want a successful business, it’s not going to happen if you’re stressed and exhausted!

If you need a cleaner – get one! If you need to get your children looked after 2 mornings a week – do it!

As we said above, your mindset is extremely important to your success, so take care of yourself…this could be the difference between failure and success!

6. Get Sleep & Eat Well

I have one word for you ‘MINDSET’…again!

Hydrate your body and your brain will perform at it’s best, eat healthily and you will FEEL really good about yourself.

Lack of sleep leads to irritation, frustration, lack of concentration and a negative outlook…enough said I think!

7. Get A Mentor

You think you can do it alone?…Well, good luck!

I do understand that you want to prove you can do it alone, but seriously, don’t go there!

Asking for help shows strength of character and a mentor – someone who has already been successful at the thing that you want to be successful at – is an absolute must!

You can read books and read about the way to do it, and you should! However, the knowledge stored within someone who has already been through what you are going through and has found the way through to success and can share that with you 1-1 is invaluable.

I didn’t realise how extremely important this was until I joined the Six Figure Mentors (SFM). This knowledge has also allowed me to understand what is really required for my own clients. Nothing helps others like total understanding through having experienced it yourself, and step by step guidance…PLUS a business model that is proven to work of course!

8. Google It!

These days you can literally find anything you need on the internet. So, don’t forget to use this resource every day to help you to get things done and speed up your journey to great success!

Youtube is an invaluable resource for ‘How to…’ information.

 There are also so many apps out there to make almost any job online easy peasy!

So don’t struggle…remember, just google it!

To Your Success!

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Do We Need To Fail Our Way To Success?

Want the simple answer?…YES!

I speak this from experience…not only mine, but the experience of pretty much ALL of the most successful men and women on the planet.

The thing is, we all try so hard to look perfect, but it stops us from taking the risks and making the mistakes that will ultimately lead to our own success…

Oprah WinfreyDo you think that success was easy for the likes of Oprah Winfrey, J.K.Rowling, Michael Jordan or Arnold Schwarzenegger? Well, it wasn’t, but what did these people have that perhaps the unsuccessful do not?…belief that they would make it, patience, and a passion that drove them.

So what may be the one ultimate ingredient for success? In my opinion…PASSION for what you want to achieve. Your passion for your goal and your mission will empower you to push through the obstacles you’ll meet along the way to your dream….and believe me, there will be plenty!

Passion will give you strength, determination and a different perspective….

You will see each hurdle as a very small part of the overall whole, and a necessary part of your overall journey. You will no longer see failure as failure, but a blip…a learning experience that has given you further knowledge that will help you accomplish your dream.

In addition, your ability to be patient, will allow your dreams time to materialise…so many others give up far too soon…they don’t give themselves the chance to find out that they can do it!

My best advice to you, as a starting place, if you want to succeed in business or in life, is first to get to know yourself…what do you want your life to be about?…what are your big reasons for wanting to succeed?…then connect to your purpose and passion, and live this passion every day…

Use this passion to help you strive forward through the inevitable failures and the obstacles, and grow as a person…all of the way to great success!


To Your Success!

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Feel Like A Technophobe?

Well, I’m not sure what has happened to the weather here in the UK, but I’m not impressed! Come on sun…where are you hiding! 🙂

In the meantime, I wanted to spread a little warmth, throw a big hug around you and focus on a worry that you may have…

“Have I got what it takes to be successful online?”…

It seems many of you worry that you’re online capabilities are limited to sending an email and performing a google search and that’s about it, so how on earth can you be confident that you have enough skills to actually make money on the internet and succeed in creating your digital life?

Honestly, I completely understand because that was how I felt too…

Before I first started with SFM earlier this year, my online skills amounted to pretty much posting on Facebook and sending emails. If anything ever went wrong, I was clueless and frustrated, having no idea what to do…

I had no idea how people created pictures that when you clicked on them went through to another page, or even how to amend my website in wordpress…I was scared to touch anything in case I broke it!

I relied completely on other people…and it was frustrating!!!

But I finally reached my threshold, because deep down I knew that without taking the time to properly learn these essential skills for myself – how to market myself and my products and services online PROPERLY, I was never going to reach the level of success in business that I so desperately desired.

So, lets fast forward to today…

I have been through the trainings provided by SFM and today I feel a level of understanding that astonishes me…

I honestly feel confident in practically every way. I’m not claiming that I know it all, but I am saying that what I don’t know, I now feel confident in working out for myself. I now realise that what I thought was hard, is in fact super easy…I just had never been shown so clearly how to do it before!

I can honestly say, without any doubt in my mind, that even if you think you have NO online skills AT ALL, as long as you have a PC or laptop and you have the time to sit and watch some clearly-explained, step by step trainings, within a really short space of time, you will be astounded at how easy it all is!

I can say this because I promise – I was that person – not a clue!

Although it WILL take a time commitment to learning plus a motivation to succeed, if you have that, the rest is plain sailing…it really is so much easier to master these online skills than you think.

Of course, you will have queries along the way, but I have found that I’ve had support on hand practically 24/7 to help me with ANY queries I have – and that support from the community at SFM will be there for you too….seriously, no problem has been too much trouble, and the willingness and enthusiasm to provide assistance to me has been so wonderful…

And of course I will be here to help whenever you need it too….I will be here to cheer you on & help you in any way I can 🙂

In a nutshell, everything is set up for you at SFM. Just follow the trainings and and you will move through from technophobe to online proficiency in an astoundingly short space of time…

Girl throwing leaves in airExperiencing an enormous feeling of achievement and success as you marvel at how much more you know…literally every day!

To your success!




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