Hey, Good afternoon!

I have to say that I am thoroughly enjoying this sunny winters day here in the UK today, and feeling that Spring is not far away!ā€‹

Having had my birthday earlier this week, I am feeling excited and ready to take on 2015 with another years worth of experience and learning under my belt.

The past year really has been an exceptional journey, and the progress I have made in my business success and my life has been extraordinary. I have achieved so much more than I could ever have dreamed possible.

It all started with a decision to join the Six Figure Mentors, and followed only 4 months later with an exceptional day indeed, so I thought today I’d share the moment again…my first $8,000 pay day…not a bad day, even if I do say so myself!

Click on the image below to share the excitement! šŸ™‚

Screenshot 2015-02-27 12.12.04


I’d love you to experience this kind of success too, and so I urge you to purchase a fully-refundable $29.95 application from the Six Figure Mentors and just take a closer look at the possibilities available – after all, it’s your life…don’t you want to grab your success with both hands?

To Your Success!




Claire Smith – Al!ve Woman


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Let me introduce you to my mentor, Stuart Ross.

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To Your Success!


Claire Smith – Al!ve Woman




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Stuart Ross –Ā Co- Founder Six Figure Mentors

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This Was Holding Me Back!


Thereā€™s something incredible that has been happening to me over the past few weeksā€¦

It started with a Skype call and a recommendation and it ended with a whole new mindset and attitudeā€¦

Having had a past constantly feeling stupid and weak (a story for another time), I realise now that, several years ago, I made my transition to empowerment through telling myself I was a fighter and strong, and it gave me the emotional backbone to push forward and create a new and more powerful meā€¦

This new powerful me stepped up and created the life she wantedā€¦one of contribution, adventure, growthā€¦

However, there was an unexpected downside and it has only recently become really clear to meā€¦

My personal empowerment through ā€˜being strongā€™ created a fiercely independent woman. I was prepared to rely on ME. I found it difficult to accept help and chose to go it alone. I became a woman of two personalitiesā€¦the people lover, fun lover and general lover of lifeā€¦and on the other hand, the insular girl who had a lot to prove to herselfā€¦

I realise now that my independence has been an obstacle to reaching the next level in my life. It occurred to me graduallyā€¦and finally a couple of weeks ago the truth hit meā€¦for me, ā€˜asking for help equals failure!ā€™

Finally, the negative belief that had been holding me back all this time was revealed and I was astounded, imagining the mental barrier this has created for meā€¦through my unconscious minds direction, Iā€™ve had to do everything aloneā€¦

At first, this realisation felt like a breakthrough, but then opening up for support needed to become a reality. I actually had to find a way to let go of my fear and judgement of myself around seeking supportā€¦

However, the universe was clearly pleased that I had unearthed another piece of my own personal puzzle and answered quicklyā€¦and as is often the case, my answers came in the form of friends and teachers within the SFM who are there for me. Just when I needed it, the words, inspiration and new mindset were presented to meā€¦just what I needed to hear at that timeā€¦it was perfectā€¦

So in that moment, I made a pact with myself, a new startā€¦from this moment I pledge to give everything I have to othersā€¦no more holding backā€¦and I also pledge to receive without judging myself. In fact, I choose to believe that by not being the absolute best version of myself, I am denying others of what I have to giveā€¦and as my absolute passion and purpose is to empower others, like you, to be your best and live life fully and with happiness, then this new perspective is easy for me to takeā€¦a powerful motivation to step up and do what needs to be doneā€¦

So what is the point of my message today? Well, the essence of my message is thisā€¦

There is no need to do it alone. Some of the greatest leaders of our time have been constantly open to modelling others who have gone before them. Success leaves clues and by allowing those who have already achieved what you want to achieve to help you, you are not being weak, you are being strong, purposeful and creating the life you are meant to liveā€¦

Be grateful for what you already have every day and give love wherever you canā€¦the more we can give and learn to receive, the greater our lives will beā€¦

I want a great life – donā€™t you? Letā€™s receive the guidance we need, step into our greater selves and elevate to the next level together šŸ™‚


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