“What Is Affiliate Marketing?”

Now perhaps you have been watching the video series, and you are warming to the idea of working online… after all, you know that you could rock this thriving online business stuff like a boss!

But perhaps you’re still not quite sure which way to go… Should you create your own products? After all, is affiliate marketing helpful if you want to be known as a brand?…

Well today I’m going to share this one-off video with you, where Stuart Ross really explains affiliate marketing in a way that’s simply understood!

I already had my own business when I started with the SFM, but I struggled to get enough clients – I seriously needed marketing 101!

And I thought that affiliate marketing would be boring – after all, who wants to flog other people’s stuff? Where’s the passion in that?
However, what I didn’t understand was that affiliate marketing is A-MAZ-ING!

It has given me an awesome second income stream…which has then allowed me to be in the best financial position to build my brand. Not only that, in fact, I enjoy affiliate marketing so much, that I now focus my business almost exclusively on this business model!

So let’s now get that reminder from Stuart and perhaps think about how you could use affiliate marketing to spring-board your financial future…

Because whether your getting dressed up for a big night out, admiring your beautiful new home, or taking luxurious long vacations, one thing’s for sure, the secret to a first-class life? Is a thriving Online Business.

Here’s the video …

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To Your Success, Happiness & Wealth


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Your Online Business Isn’t Just A Business, It Shows You’ve Arrived.

Whether you’re getting dressed up for a big night out, admiring your beautiful home, or taking long vacations, one thing’s for sure, the secret to a first-class life? Is a thriving online business.







So let me share 10 things you need to know …shhh… don’t tell everyone…this is for you…

1. Work From Anywhere

You can literally quit your job (once you’re ready of-course) and run your business from anywhere. Imagine travelling the world and being able to earn as you go – all you need is your laptop and an internet connection. Or imagine working from home – around the needs of your family…no more missing the school plays and feeling like a bad mum or dad…no more stress running around like a headless chicken….you have time. Priceless.

2. No Hard-Sell

Do you hate that feeling of being pushy? If you’re feeling pushed to sell-hard in your current job, or your MLM business, then an online business will be like a dream come true. You never have to push…you will learn how to easily attract clients to you (heavenly). Quit the hard-sell forever!

3. Be Your Own Boss

Do you secretly curse your boss and their annoying ways? Do you dread being told to do things you dread? Would you love to escape? Imagine your own online business…no more stress, no more office politics, no more being told what to do. And how about holidays when you want…oh, the bliss…

4. Job Security

Is your job really secure? How would it be if you took back control. No-one to fire you or lay you off…with an online business – you’ve got it covered!

5. Passion & Growth

You are creative and passionate. Don’t feel it? Well, that’s where having your own online business comes in. Imagine being entrepreneurial…Imagine being successful…imagine a fire in your belly called your passion and you work with it every single day… Through your online business you can grow into the person you know you really are and truly LOVE what you do…

6. Freedom & Flexibility

Imagine you…dressed up for lunch…your significant other compliments you and you feel successful and grateful. You see, you have created a thriving online business that allows you to do the things you love whenever you want to do them…You feel like a great mother or father…you go to the school sports day and you have the time to hug and kiss your little munchkins before you drop them to school…you have time for your friends and the people you love…life is good.

7. Explore Your Creativity

You are entrepreneurial…you are creative…and you’re excited to show the world what you can do. Your ideas blossom and you are entertained & fulfilled from your head to your toes!

8. It’s A Digital World

People are spending more money online than ever before! There is so much money to be made – you just need to know how to tap into the Well!

9. Small Start-Up Costs

Would you love your own business…that feeling of significance and power, but you worry about the cost to start? Seriously, bank loans, lines of credit and all the other usual requirements for a traditional brick and mortar business are not required and you can get started spending only a few hundred dollars…no problem.

10. Anyone Can Do It!

If you have drive & are ready to put the work into the process, you are going to be someone who can make your online business thrive. Even if you have no prior technical or online experience, you can learn the skills quickly and get up and running within a few short weeks.

Are you convinced yet? At the very least, now is the time to take a look at starting your own profitable online business. You have an opportunity to take charge of your future, support your family and be proud of what you’ve achieved. It could be one of the best experiences of your entire life…and you could have the dream job you’ve always wanted.

Apply now, and show the world you’ve arrived.

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Does Your Boss Deserve A Punch To The Throat?

It’s a beautiful mid-May day here in the UK, and as I sit here in my garden, writing this, with a clear blue sky above me, a cup of tea beside me and a laptop in front of me…I can’t help but feel a little bit smug…

This is me…multi-tasking…working and tanning at the same time!

You see, I know so many of my friends who are employed by someone else and they just can’t do what I do every day…

Instead, they trail from meeting to meeting, doing what their boss tells them, usually the ‘hard sell’, in clothes that restrict them…sitting indoors at times when the weather is beautiful outside…

As they rush around and sit in their hot cars in traffic or their stuffy offices doing things they don’t like, desperate to get to Friday, I have the pleasure of choice…I can work from anywhere, enjoying a warm breeze and the smell of freshly-cut grass and summer in the air…

I don’t have to put up with being told what to do by an obnoxious slave-driver who loves the sound of his or her own voice…not any more…

Instead, I can choose what to do and when, and I can choose to do what makes me happy…

Of course, I work…I work hard…however, when you can stop doing what someone else demands, and instead, set up your business in a way that compliments your qualities, personality & lifestyle (rather than hinders them)…work becomes a pleasure and the desperation for the weekend we feel on a Monday, simply disappears…every day feels like Friday…

Each day is fulfilling, as you grow and create…as you discover what you love and connect with those who share your passion for your business…

Of course, there are moments of frustration and disappointment, after all when we are in business we can’t expect to succeed all of the time. However, we learn to love our failures…they make us stronger and the overall feeling is success…feelings of achievement…and gratefulness as we’ve broken free from the shackles and can spread our wings and finally start to fly-high…and become who we really are…

Only a year ago, I discovered the freedom of this life. The freedom to enjoy the summer sunshine rather than be couped up inside… to stop and take my dog for a country walk and enjoy the fresh air, to go to the gym, to see family…to have quality time for myself…

I have faith in my financial security…peace of mind…

I have the support of a community that I cherish, and I know that as a group, we’ll find a way…my fear is gone…

I feel a sense of adventure and optimism that I hadn’t felt for some time and it feels GOOD…

It won’t happen overnight, but with commitment and hard work, this could be your life too…sooner than you think.

It just takes a leap of faith…believing in yourself and saying ‘yes’ to your dream life…

The step-by-step training, mentorship, community support and proven business system of the SFM will provide the rest…

I took that leap, and I’ve never looked back…this is real…

Come join me on this incredible online business journey…create your digital life. I’m waiting & I’ll be right there beside you. To change our lives, we need to do something different. Why not take the first step, fill out an application today and let us help you escape the demands of your boss…I wonder, what will you do with your digital life?

To Your Success, Happiness & Wealth,

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Success! – Getting The Right Peer Group Can Change Your Life!

You’ve heard the saying ‘two heads are better than one’ right?
Well how about 4 heads, or 6 or 8 … how much better would that be?

If I’m honest, in the past, I used to feel really protective over my business – not wanting others to share in my ups and downs – preferring to keep it under wraps…after-all, who wants to be judged?!!

However, joining the SFM changed all that and with the strong, open, willing and genuine support of the trainers and members … plus mixing with others who understand my journey, I discovered a much, much better, and more fulfilling … in fact, darn right more fun way to run my business.

Watch my video below to see how passionate I am about getting amongst those who can help you fulfil your dreams…

Screenshot 2015-05-13 11.06.01

BUT, something even more amazing happened, earlier this year… maybe it was the law of attraction doing it’s thing (after all, I’ve worked hard on my business and new what I wanted)…

I was lucky enough to be selected to join a small mastermind team of six SFM women…six AMAZING women, all driven for success…but also each one inspiring, caring, and incredibly supportive…

We have become ‘as thick as thieves’, as they say…sharing our real experiences, feelings, ups and downs…

I have been able to learn from women that I’m proud to call my friends and we are all working together in the same direction, pushing and supporting each other forward towards greater success…

Encouragement, camaraderie and an awesome mindset is a powerful thing…the results I am getting in my business and my life are reflecting that…

So, my message for you to think about today is this…

Who are you mixing with?

Are they the type of people who will support you, guide you and inspire you to be your best?

If it hadn’t been for SFM I would not of had access to these incredible people to mastermind with…

Working amongst these success-orientated people, means the opportunity for personal improvement and growth is immense…

So who do you want to be? Are you determined to be more? To stand out and shine brightly? To be an inspiration?

Let me tell you, in my opinion, if you join us, you will have all that you need to fulfil your potential.

Are you up for the challenge? If your answer is yes, then why wait …. click HERE to grab your SFM application, and lets get started today.

To Your Success, Happiness & Wealth

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Top 10 Blogging Ideas!

Blog-imageIf you’ve ever thought about starting a blog or sat at your keyboard with a blank on ideas for content, then read on…help is at hand!

Blogs are great, and a fantastic way to share your expertise and personality for free. Use your blog to build relationships with fans and potential customers, and show them what you have to offer by way of life experience, know how and entertainment.

Through reading your content, they can get to know you and hopefully like you. It’s a great way to get known and share yourself with the world!

But remember, writing randomly with no idea exactly who you want to attract to your blog isn’t the way to go! The problem with this is that you are throwing stuff out there and just hoping it fits.

The better way to proceed is to choose your audience…a specific niche, with whom you relate and have common problems, aspirations and interests. Get an idea in your mind of the perfect recipient of your content, and write for them!

This way you can get really clear and write content that inspires them, speaks to their heart and soul and solves their specific problems in a way that they’ll thank you for…and as a result, they’ll keep coming back for more!

So here are my TOP 10 IDEAS for great blogs!

1. STALK OTHERS! – Get signed up to the lists of other popular leaders in your industry and save their emails …if they have lots of fans and they’re broadcasting great content, then it’s probably a good idea to keep them in a separate inbox folder for ideas and inspiration for the future – and great headlines ideas too!

2. TOP 10 LISTS are great! If you see a headline “Top 5 ….” you know you’re getting quick, easy-to-digest information, so human nature prevails and you’ll be drawn to it…and it’ll be the same for your niche – give them great info in bite-size chunks and they’ll be unable to resist!

3. CURRENT NEWS – what’s happening this week? Can you relate it to your niche? If so, write a blog about it! Add your opinions and personality!

4. YOUR STORY – Tell them part of your ‘story’ – a part that they will relate to. People love to hear real stories…particularly if they can relate it to their own lives. This is even better if you can show them how you broke through your obstacles and created success for yourself – everyone loves a come-back kid!

5. SOLVE THEIR PROBLEMS – Get clear about the real problems your niche has. Research them and then find solutions for them. Or perhaps you already know how YOU solved a problem and you can provide them with an idea to follow. Problem solving is without doubt one of the best ways to create an enthusiastic and loyal following!

6. ‘HOW TO….’ stuff is great. Provide useful information that your niche will love. For example ‘How to write a great blog!’. Every time you learn something new and relevant – share it with your audience!

7. ENTERTAINMENT – share information that you find interesting about people, places, things! After all, if you enjoyed it, most likely your readers will too! You can add your opinions and personality and encourage feedback and discussion!

8. HUMOUR – We all love to laugh, so if you can find funny videos, pictures and stories that your niche will enjoy, you can brighten their day and they’ll want to come back for more!

9. INSPIRATION – We all want to be inspired, so find inspiring quotes by others and sharing a short piece about how this quote relates to your life, will be of value to others, as they relate it to their own life.

10. PROMOTION – If relevant, promote your product in a soft way, but no more than 1 in 5 blogs should be a promotion – no-one likes being continually ‘sold to’!  Your blog is about building a relationship with your readers, so they can get to know, like and trust you and the quality of content you deliver. Don’t spoil it by being over-pushy. If they like you, they will find their way to the rest of your website, so let them do it in their own time. In the long-run you’ll end up with happy customers who appreciate and trust you, and come to you when they’re ready to buy.



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